Help us decide what are the Best Beekeeping Practices we’ll develop in 2024!

Published in: 23 Nov 2023
Help us decide what are the Best Beekeeping Practices we’ll develop in 2024!

B-THENET is the EU thematic network for sustainable beekeeping. Its mission is to collect Best Beekeeping Practices and innovations and share them with  EU beekeepers, advisors, and other stakeholders on the first digital platform for European beekeepers, to modernise apiculture and foster a resilient and more competitive sector.  

With this objective in mind, a survey was created to gather valuable information on good beekeeping practices and innovations and discuss them among beekeepers, advisors, and other stakeholders in languages through our digital platforms.

Each year, we target different beekeeping themes. For 2024, Colony set-up and daily management/maintenance as well as American foulbrood will be the focus of the project.

This survey is part of the project’s bottom-up approach and is meant to rate the most relevant practices and innovations within these categories.

Your participation in the survey will support the project, and therefore it is greatly appreciated. The survey can be accessed by clicking the links below.

15 languages are available! Please use the language of your choice from the links below.

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B-THENET present at the EU Pollinator Week

Published in: 07 Nov 2023
B-THENET present at the EU Pollinator Week

On the 29th of November, from 13:30 to 15 CET we will be present in an English hybrid event hosted by the European Parliament with the topic of Improving Accessibility of Veterinary Medicinal Products to Beekeepers.

We are announcing the B-THENET Horizon Europe project event on “Supply and Use of Veterinary Medical Products in Beekeeping – Institutional Framework across the EU”, held during the EU Pollinator Week, taking place in the European Parliament.

We will discuss a topic raised directly by the European beekeepers, through a bottom-up initiative: the accessibility and supply of Veterinary Medical Products (VMPs) in beekeeping. We learnt that the different Member States implement the related European legislation in various ways, leading to divergencies in the accessibility to VMPs for the beekeepers, especially accessibility to VMPs to control the Varroa mite.

During the satellite event and its round table session both the possibilities made available by the EU legislative framework as regards accessibility of VMPs to beekeepers and national/regional implementation including the legal status of supply (Prescription-Only or non) as well as the resulting experience and good practices pointing toward a possible EU-wide harmonisation will be discussed.

We will keep you updated as regards the localization and the meeting link of the satellite event.

Stay tuned for more news!