BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination is an organisation working for the protection of bees, beekeeping and pollinators, considering them essential surveillance tools of the status of our environment.

Because bees and pollinators know no borders in their whereabouts, beekeepers are obliged to collaborate and have a permanent dialogue with other stakeholders to ensure their bees’ and products well-being and quality.

This is the reason why BeeLife has been working for many years to establish and nourish a good relationship with all stakeholders related to the topic. This is why BeeLife is the International B-THENET Centre for Other Stakeholders


Apimondia will act as International B-THENET Centre for European beekeepers. It will organise international meetings and workshops for beekeepers belonging to all the countries participating in the project.

During these events, beekeepers will have the chance to interact with peers from other countries by exchanging experiences and knowledge, thus boosting the aim of the project to gather information and develop the activity with a bottom-up approach.


The International B-THENET Centre for Advisors is established at Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet in Uppsala and UCM. There will be the main training apiary. The centre will have regional apiary hubs spread across the country which will be developed during the project timeline.